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POP Cover POP Title Page Sea Circus
POP Cover POP Title Page Sea Circus
Fisherman's Cove Ports o' POP International Promenade
Fisherman's Cove Ports o' POP International Promenade
Mystic Island Neptune's Courtyard
Mystic Island Neptune's Courtyard
Pacific Ocean Park
We are pleased to announce this special Giclée printing of Earl's "Pacific Ocean Park" poster series. Originally printed in 1962 in Venice, California for P.O.P. as an in-house Christmas gift, this series was never available for sale to the public.  Until Now.  Each print is beautifully reproduced from original posters in Earl's personal collection, and measure 12"x18".  Available individually for $25, or order the entire series of 8 posters, with the cover signed for the special price of $185 +free shipping! (USA only)  Individual prints ship rolled, the series ships flat.
1965 Huntington Beach 1972 Huntington Beach
Featured in the book "365 Day by Day Surfing" by Jim Heiman

Large Only
Huntington Beach Surfboard Championships
Featured ond the cover and inside "365 Day by Day Surfing" on the cover of "Vintage Surfing" both by Jim Heiman 

Medium & Large Available
The Plays Ashland Plays Comedy
2014 Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Wrinkle Cocoanuts Tempest
Medium Ashland Theatre
2014 Plays
The Plays
Ashland Plays
6 Mini Print Designs, & 1 Medium Design
Ashland Posters and Huntington Beach Surfing Posters
2014 Monterey Jazz Festival
"Jazz Roots"

Vertical (11.5"x35")  $40          Medium (17.5"x23")  $40
Limited Edition Run - Jungleland

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